After-School Robotics Program

Give your child the valuable opportunity to learn about the inner technology of robots and how they make our world work!

Why Robotics?
  • Teaches problem-solving

  • Increases logical thinking skills

  • Fun, hands-on way to demystify complex technology

  • Sharpens in-demand skills useful in growing STREAM fields

  • Boosts girls’ and boys’ interest in science and technology

  • Platform for immense creativity and innovation

  • Learn to program



For nearly a decade, Robot City has engaged, educated and inspired kids to love technology through our exciting after-school robotics programs. Our hands-on curriculum is focused on bolstering young students’ foundation for future success in growing STREAM fields.

Students will learn, build and test a wide gamut of robotics technology and related concepts such as:

  • Circuitry

  • Energy sources and converting energy (e.g., electrical, mechanical, solar)
    The science of electricity
    Mechanics like gears, axles, pivots and sprockets

  • Tactile skills like using a screwdriver, installing batteries and connecting wires

  • Sensors, motors, antennae and vibration

  • Physics concepts such as torque, balance and force

  • Programming robots to follow directions

Robot City West is a non-profit business (EIN 82-4415873) offering both after-school programs and summer camps throughout the San Diego area. 


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