mBot Coding Workshop 1

Select Program Field Challenges


  • Line Following

  • Soccer Tournament

  • Dance Offs

  • Sumo Battles

  • Outer Space Race

  • Obstacle Avoidance

  • Cake Bake

mBot Workshop Series - Learn to Code with a Programmable Robot 

Grades 2-5


In this powerhouse workshop, students build, program and rebuild their own mBot robot!

Coding has become a new modern-day language to express ideas, inspiring children’s originality, while helping develop logical thinking. Combing programming with real-world robotics opens new pathways in how students think. Pure robotics certainly teaches a lot about technology, engineering and how things work. Coding exercises logic and more intangible concepts like if/then, forever and repeat.

Our coding workshops stand apart in how they bring together concrete technology with writing code. Kids’ sense of spatial reasoning is grown dramatically as they coordinate code with what happens in the real world. 


mBot Robot – Arduino Core

We have carefully selected the Makeblock mBot: this renowned robot is ideal for teaching programming to elementary students, while allowing the hands-on interface building the robot.

At the mBot's core is an easy-to-use mainboard arduino, which integrates various modules and sensors to learn the inner workings of electronics.


Unlike coding courses with heavy screen time, Robot City students will spend much time building, rebuilding and testing their robot in the field. This allows infinite possibilities for your child to bring together STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) concepts in a way only they can dream and design.

Graphical Programming

The mBlock programming software modeled after Scratch 2.0 is made up of colorful and modularized drag-and-drop graphical blocks.


Elementary children can now feel accomplished when they are able to

unleash their imagination and easily make the mBot come alive without writing difficult codes and language.


Course Concepts

  • Assemble a 38-part robot including the circuit board, wires, sensors, motor, microcontrollers, wheels and more

  • Understanding how the mBot's Arduino uses various modules and sensors to come alive

  • How Bluetooth technology connects to a robot

  • How to design programs using a programming app/software

  • Complete field challenges by writing and adapting programs

mBot Coding Workshops Include:

  • 10 Coding Tutorials

  • 12-18 Programs 

  • 1 Self-Created Program ​

What prior experience is needed? No programming experience necessary. The only thing we need is your child’s enthusiasm to learn!

mBot Coding Workshop Series - Workshops 2 and 3


Break into a different dimension of mBot learning in our second and third coding workshops in this series. After refreshing their coding skills through exciting new field challenges, your aspiring programmers will widen the complexity of the concepts and tools available to them by practicing topics such as:


mBot Coding Workshop 2

  • Variables

  • Efficiency/Clean Code

  • Loops and Repeat Blocks

  • Code Patterns

  • Logic

  • If/Then/Else

  • Debugging

  • Self-Created Programs/Presenting


mBot Coding Workshop 3

  • Manipulating sensors

  • Calibrating hardware

  • Extensive focus on the Makeblock app

  • Refining understanding of programs that utilize the mBot’s many sensors

  • Exercising math skills to refine program variables

  • Adjusting program variables on the fly

  • Debugging

  • Self-Created Programs/Presenting

mBot Coding Workshop 2

Select Program Field Challenges


  • NASCAR Race

  • Synchronized Dance

  • Jailbreak

  • Street Sweeper

  • Speed Zones

  • Automatic Breaking

  • Street Story

  • Randomizer

  • Garage

  • Shape Maker