Testimonials - What Parents Are Saying 


RobotCity Workshop is an amazing program that gets kids--even very young children like my Kindergarten-age son--excited about technology, the science of electricity, and best of all--their own competence for independent work. --Kelly


Alyssa and I enjoyed the workshop yesterday. Definitely great learnings for the kids!  I think this is just what Del Sur Elem needed.  –Cecile

My 7 yo son absolutely LOVED the Robot City Workshop WEst Camp. HE came home each afternoon bubbling over with trying to tell me every last detail. The camps were incredibly well run, and fun and my son now loves telling everyone how he built his own robot and all the cool things they did! - Taylor  

My daughter Makay has taken an after school class and the summer camp and has absolutely loved both! Gail and her team are always so prepared with super fun and challenging things for the kids to do. My daughter is now a robot enthusiast because of Robot City! We can't wait to take more classes!! - Lori 

Thanks for your email! Eli is totally excited about what your teaching!! He just got a new bike for his birthday w gears so I'll have to ask him how the concept translates to his bike;) --Amy 

I love how hands-on everything has been. My son has learned so much about technology and how robots work on a detailed level in just the first few classes. --Tom

I just wanted to say that the programmable robots are great. Camden came home and told me she “got to make directions for a robot to find a treasure on a map.” She’s having so much fun that she doesn’t even realize how much she’s learning! --Eli

Brian is thrilled with Robot City--he can't wait for tomorrow! I was wondering whether you might have some recommendations for good Christmas gifts that will help Brian build on/practice what he's learning? --Kelly  


Thank you so much for the email updates. [My son] is loving the workshop! 


Hi Gail, Thank you for the class and kids loved you! Rudra is already looking forward to next Thursday and is disappointed that Robotics is only once a week. I wanted to introduce him to this field but I am glad I waited. Thanks again for a great experience! --Bhargav